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ECOru Microfinance solution is a comprehensive, all-inclusive software solution built to empower small to more complex Micro Finance institutions (MFIs). Designed by microfinance industry specialist and developed by FINAP’s finest developers, ECOru offers Micro Finance institutions the opportunity to create; new distribution channels and innovative products with cost effective service delivery. ECOru is available on cloud as a SaaS solution and can be implemented on both ‘on premise’ & and ‘on cloud’ environments.

It is enables Microfinance institutions (MFIs) to transform their business and operating models to address key challenges such as :

Increasing cost of outreach

Rise of new and bolder competitors

Increasing customer demands

Thus, ECOru Microfinance solution is a comprehensive “bank in your palm” solution built to empower MFIs to become the crucial link to financial inclusiveness while providing broader financial product offerings that meet changing customer needs at substantially lower operating costs.

Why ECOru System?

Flexible options for scalability & expansion

Multi-Currency transactions

Browser based centralized solution

Multiple product creation facility

Rich application programmed interface for ATM & other applications

Multi Branch integration

Well-facilitated & supported inter-branch transactions

Role based access controls & maker checker functionality

Dedicated support team

Platform independent solution

Greater possibilities of customization

Backed by a team comprising highly experienced Domain Specialist

How ECOru Microfinance Solution can help?

ECOru Microfinance solution is a comprehensive platform that allows microfinance institutions to boost profits by being productive from day one. The system can be deployed on software as a Service (SaaS) or hosted model in cases where the institution would like the database to be hosted remotely. It can be deployed on a licensed model where the application and database are all hosted and managed within the institutions data center.

  • Wider community reach and access to new market segments.
  • Enhanced customer experience with personalized attention.
  • Edge over competitors with streamlined back office operations.
  • Cost effective service delivery that enhances bottom line performance.


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