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Fleet Management and Truck Booking Application

What is FLEX?

FLEX is the latest software solution in both mobile and computer form to facilitate the transactions between customers and trucking companies. Our innovative platform delivers greater productivity, safety, transparency and flexibility to our customers.

FLEX improve productivity by automating key fleet management tasks such as user, driver & supplier maintenance, trip management, report printing and more. With the ability to manage your fleet anytime, anywhere with our well-designed web and smartphone apps will allow the management to focus on the customer and employee satisfaction.

Maximize your fleet business with our unique modules.

FLEX, conceptualized by the industry professionals, developed by the best in the software industry to provide unparalleled logistic support service to business operators.

Why Flex?

• Interactive Real Time Dashboard

Faster management decision making ability.

• Real Time Tracking

We provide real time tracking via both GPS coordinates and mobile phones.

• User Management

This option allows the administration to create and manage their customer list whilst making any required changes. You will have the ability to create, edit, authorize and generate QR codes to set up the active or inactive status of the vehicle.

• Multiple Payment Methods

FLEX allows the customers to make the payments via personal/business cheques, Credit cards or cash.

• Report Printing

FLEX is designed to generate all the needed reports for your audit purposes.

• Customized Customer Maintenance

Setting up both corporate and individual customers and the ability to modify the hire commission and the tariff charges. The company will be able to set up multiple pick up and drop off locations according to the availability.

• Configuration and Maintenance

This option gives the management to set up the trip alerts via both SMS and email.

Key Features of FLEX

• User management

• Real time vehicle movement tracking

• Real time dashboard with interactive widgets

• Support both generic and customer wise tariff template setup

• Customer wise hire commission setup

• Demurrage calculation

• Real time notification

• Trip Management

• Payment

• Vehicle cost maintenance

• Reports


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