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Banking on the Future

FINAP Core Banking provides a comprehensive range of core banking software solutions, built to easily integrate and comply with regulatory requirements. Powered by cutting-edge technology, FINAP Core Banking solutions are compatible and infinitely scalable with comprehensive functionalities that can deliver :

Significant operational efficiency.

Exceptional customer experience

Improved performance with a cost benefit.


We believe that financial technology (FinTech) has the power to Unlock potential by providing countless people with access to broader financial services creating positive change.

In today’s digital world, increasing access to mobile technologies is creating greater opportunities for the microfinance industry to fully integrated people and small businesses into the formal financial system.

It is enabling Microfinance institutions (MFIs) to transform their business and operating models to address key challenges such as :

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Digital Banking

Today’s leading financial services companies are operating in a new and more complex environment; one where the fundamental definition of how customers experience financial services is being challenged and redefined.

To succeed in the digital world, financial institutions no longer have choice but to innovate to be more competitive, more efficient and provide more customer choice.

With OCEANUS Digital Finance Solutions (DFS), a scalable, secure and highly modular software solutions and products, we enable financial institutions to implement their financial services strategy effectively, quickly and cost-efficiently.

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