Tech Resource Outsourcing

Tech Resource Outsourcing

Technical Resource Outsourcing (TRO) is offering technical resources for software projects, products and other IT related services. We offer both offshore & domestic outsourcing. FINAP team of industry and domain experts are dedicated to deliver cost savings without compromising on quality and faster product launches with enhanced focus and accessibility of expertise needed to bring products to market.

In FINAP, our top priority is customer satisfaction and we achieve this by delivering top quality services by following these standards:

- Customer oriented approach

- Cost-effective solutions

- On-demand access to the latest technology

- Highly skilled team

- Innovative solutions

- On-time delivery principles

FINAP Offers services for below two main types of projects:

• Brand New Projects: We build projects from square one, including the maintaining after the completion

• Existing Projects: We assist to fix or improve your existing projects to achieve the predicted profitability

Types of IT outsourcing FINAP Offers

Technology Solutions

o Mobile & Web application development, modification & maintenance service

o Infrastructure Services

o Quality assurance & testing

o IT strategy & consultation

Cloud Services

Our team of experts is dedicated to assist our customers to accomplish all the cloud demands to improve their businesses. Cloud services are outsourcing without a single dedicated data center and it is assured to offer high security, real-time monitoring, superior reliability, cost-saving, time efficiency, and improved risk management abilities.

o Implementation software as a SaaS model

o Data Migration to cloud

o Cloud strategy & consultation

Our Technological Expertise

Professionals we are outsourcing

- Project Managers

- Business Analysts and Consultants

- Software Architects

- Software Engineers (.Net, Java, Node JS)

- Frontend Engineers (Angular, React, JavaScript)

- Full stack Engineers

- Database Administrators (MSSQL, Oracle)

- Cloud Solutions Experts (Azure, AWS)

- Mobile Application Developers (iOS, Android, Flutter and React-Native)

Advantages of IT outsourcing

Benefits of outsourcing your project with the FINAP team are:

- Access to professionals with expert-level knowledge and skills

- Cut costs resulting from fewer capital investments and staffing requirements, and less operating costs.

- On-demand access to the newest technology

- Affordable expenses from flat fees and subscription-based pricing models

Why you should choose FINAP

- Reduce cost and hassle

- Team with industry and domain experts

- Pay only for the people you need

- Project based pricing models

- Effective communication & progress monitoring process

- Guaranteed high-speed services

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