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ECOru is an all-inclusive, modern yet simple digital Core Banking System built to empower small to more complex finance institutions & banks. Designed by industry specialists in accordance with international standards, ECOru offers Financial Service Providers the opportunity to create new distribution channels, competitive products, cost-effective service delivery, and provide a better customer experience.

ECOru is our flagship fintech product designed by domain experts for a variety of business segments such as,

Paving the way for paperless banking…

Story of ECOru

This is the story of how ECOru came to be…

The journey of ECOru began way back in 2016 when a few experts of the banking and microfinance domain wanted to solve common issues that have been plaguing the industry for decades.

The most pressing issue is the entire global banking infrastructure's dependency on outdated, archaic legacy systems. Our developers have been working around the clock, collaborating with bankers and micro-financiers to deliver an all-inclusive, future-proof, cloud-based, comprehensive software solution for bankers and micro-financiers. After a lot of hard work, long hours, failures, extensive testing, and quality assurance, we came up with ECOru Banking and Finance Solution.

Automating and streamlining every aspect of your business

What Makes ECOru Special?

Why ECOru Stands Out?


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Frequently asked questions concerning the ECOru Banking & Finance ecosystem.

1 What is ECOru?

ECOru is a core banking software solution designed for back-office operations in financial firms.

2 What type of financial institutions can benefit from ECOru?

ECOru is designed to facilitate all types of financial institutions such as small to medium-sized banks, non-banking financial institutions, credit unions, and microfinance institutions. ECOru is a scalable solution.

3 Can ECOru work with my existing third-party software?

Yes. ECOru is a modern software solution making it highly interoperable with third-party banking software and ERP solutions. ECOru is also compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera. The solution is also compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux-based operating systems.

4 Will my data be safe during a system down-time?

Yes. Even in the unlikely event of a cloud service outage, the data will be stored locally in your devices until a connection is available.

5 Does FINAP offer aftersales support for ECOru?

We have a dedicated team for customer queries, issues, and breakdowns. FINAP guarantees 24/7/365 customer support for all software products.

6 How much does it cost?

ECOru has a one-time deployment fee and a monthly subscription type payment scheme according to the usage of cloud resources.

7 Does FINAP offer staff training during implementation?

Yes. We offer complete guidance and training to your staff about ECOru’s functions, features, and maintenance

8 Is ECOru user-friendly?

ECOru is a user-friendly system where all the functions and modules are available in the module pane on the left-hand side. There is no need to toggle between different tabs or screens.

9 Why is ECOru better than paper-based systems, spreadsheets, or green-screen solutions?

ECOru banking & finance ecosystem was built to sustain paperless banking operations. If you are still using pa per-based systems, ECOru is the perfect software solution to automate your workflow. ECOru’s native DFA app Mula eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork during the loan origination and customer onboarding process.