Microfinance Solution

FirstMicro is a microfinance solution built exclusively for small microfinance organizations. The FirstMicro Microfinance Solution is a robust scalable solution with seamless interoperability with third-party systems. FirstMicro works well with our Digital Field Agent (DFA) mobile app MULA. FirstMicro is deployable as an on-premises or cloud-native solution.

Having identified the role of microfinance in empowering micro-enterprises and uplifting millions out of poverty, FINAP developed FirstMicro to bring financial lending solutions to the financially underserved population of the world. We believe that Microfinance can make a big difference in places where traditional banking services have failed to make a strong impact.

Why FirstMicro is the best solution for your financial institution?

Low deployment & operational costs

All-inclusive customizable lending modules

Easy accessibility to your data across multiple devices while on the go

Enhanced data security

Scalable Cloud-based Platform

Advanced interactive UI\UX

Support multiple browsers and operating systems

Generate extensive reports

DFA mobile app (available on Android & iOS)


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