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“Reach in to reach out!”

Mula Field Agent Mobile app digitalizes the core processes carried out by field agents of microfinance, finance & banking while improving their efficiency and reducing operational costs. It is embedded with real-time transactions, high-security controls & offline mode, which enables field agents to work in remote areas with little or no internet connectivity. Therefore, eliminating the need for a customer to physically visit a central branch.

The application digitalizes the daily tasks of field agents, and it can integrate easily with cloud-native core banking systems. Mula works on iOS and Android devices alike. The Mula Digital Field Agent app can easily streamline loan processing and other back-office banking processes. Mula can enhance efficiency and remarkably reduce operational costs.

There is a vast untapped market of the unbanked population in the developing world, which traditional banking channels have failed to reach. Mula helps FSPs to overcome geographical barriers to reach the financially underserved. A network of strategically positioned agents powered by Mula can facilitate branchless expansion.

The story behind Mula

Historically MFIs were facing challenges to bring much-needed financial services to rural populations around the globe. Despite these obstacles, MFIs have been offering quality, affordable, and convenient financial services to the financially underserved. However, due to the limitations in scalability, costs, and other issues, there is a significant proportion of the global population that are financially excluded. Traditional brick-and-mortar banking channels cannot always afford to serve the poorest rural population. Even with the use of field agents, the bank's reach is limited.

That is where Mula comes in…

A Digital Field Agent (DFA) app like no other.

What can Mula do?

Mula is embedded with special functions and features that cannot be found in a typical field agent application. An agent can use Mula to onboard customers, create loans, upload relevant documents, and disburse loans, all away from the bank’s branch. Mula automates the entire loan process paving the way for a paperless bank.

The application facilitates real-time transactions and high-security controls. The built-in route setup function enables field agents to easily navigate their routes, and it enables managers to assign routes with ease.

“Mula brings banking to the customer’s doorstep…”

iOS & Android Support

Core Banking Integration

Instant Customer Onboarding

Recoveries, Deposits & Withdrawals

User Transaction Limits

Online & Offline Transactions

Real Time General Ledger

SMS Alerts & Receipt Printing

Voice Recording Functionality

Route Setup & Navigation

Balance Enquiries

End of Day Proofing


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