Neo Banking & Wallet Solution

The next generation of banking is here…

Neo banking allows Financial Service Providers to enable a technology-rich service to their agents, merchants & customers via a mobile eco-system that ensures an extremely simplified banking experience for all parties involved with uncompromised financial benefits. The Oceanus neo banking solution facilitates branchless expansion for Financial Institutions. Mobile banking & digital wallets also promote financial inclusion in remote areas where bank branches are scarce.

Oceanus is a four-in-one solution,

All fused in to one

Oceanus provides a fully functional core-banking bank-end with a digital banking front-end for the consumer. The agent banking functionality helps to provide banking services to the rural populace. Merchant banking modules offer POS and e-commerce payment solutions for retail enterprises. Oceanus digital wallet facilitates seamless peer-to-peer fund transfers, payments, deposits, and withdrawals in just a matter of seconds.

Mobile wallet is available on both Android & iOS

Web portal for online transactions

Biometrics & password protection for secure logins

End-to-end transaction security

Online real-time payments & settlements

Bill payments & statutory payments

POS transactions with real-time generated QR codes

Merchant banking solution

Oceanus Wallet

Oceanus wallet is faster, safer, reliable, and more convenient. The wallet solution is mobile-based and will support iOS as well as Android. Oceanus can be used for banking, finance, remittance, payments, and banking the unbanked & underbanked communities, increasing financial inclusion. Neo banking & mobile banking channels are cheap and convenient as opposed to the traditional banking methods. We believe that fintech innovations will be the key to solving many issues in the developing world.


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