Tech Resource Augmentation

Are you in short of IT staff?

Are you currently experiencing
gaps in your tech team?

We know that hiring & training takes up a lot of your valuable time and resources.

Partner with FINAP today and access our high-quality tech resources and expertise.

We offer tech recourse augmentation services for our clients.

A low-cost approach to extend the core competencies of your team.

We offer outsourcing services to our clients worldwide.

Benefits of software resource augmentation,

No Infrastructure investment & maintenance

Save costs and time spent on recruitment

Tap into resources without being bound by geographical locations

No long-term commitment


Our Outsourcing Team consists of…

Technology Stack


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We support your business in completing your projects by augmenting our expert tech resource persons with you.

We provide access to a large resource pool of highly qualified professionals who would bring an out-of-the-box perspective to a project. Put an end to the tedious and costly hiring process and leave it to us.

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