Digitalization of Fleet Management

Fleets operate in a highly dynamic world full of risks, challenges, regulations, and complexities. Digital fleet management solutions have simplified the highly complicated job role of the fleet manager. Tasked with optimizing risks, costs, and efficiency in fleet operations, the fleet manager plays a pivotal role. In a technical sense, if an organization owns more […]

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Is it time to replace legacy systems?

A legacy system is an obsolete software, hardware, or programing language. What makes it obsolete is not merely its age. It is very difficult to update or maintain legacy systems and users often get little or no technical support from the vendor. Even if a legacy system is fully functioning, there are better alternatives available […]

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How would the Financial Industry adopt Cryptocurrencies?

The concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchains was first introduced in 2008, by Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, indicating the requirement for a neutral peer-to-peer electronic currency system. Shortly after Bitcoin was introduced along with blockchain technology, supposedly eliminating the need for a third party during digital transactions. Why banks defy the rise of cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency enthusiasts […]

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What is Fintech?

The terminology for Fintech originates from fusing the two words, Financial Technology. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank’s Bali Fintech Agenda define Fintech as: “Advances in technology that have the potential to transform the provision of financial services spurring the development of new business models, applications, processes, and products.” In other words, Fintech […]

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