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Our Story

FINAP is an IT solutions and services provider based in Sri Lanka. Starting as a Fintech provider who developed and offered our own IT products to the banking and finance sector, we soon grew to expand our presence in other industries such as e-commerce, retail, and logistics. We are all about being process-driven and developing the best quality software solutions, which have won several accolades over the years.

We are now an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, and we operate globally with a multidisciplinary team. As such, we direct our expertise to support our clients in the form of Technical and Business Consultation, Tech Resource Augmentation, and Project Outsourcing.

Our Tagline

“The Software Company.”

Our Vision

“To be the Most Accepted Solutions Provider through Simplicity”

Our Commitment

“Stability, Security, Quality”

Our Clients

Client experiences are at the heart of everything we do and we take pride in sharing their words of satisfaction and trust

LOT Micro Bank

Following a detailed evaluation, FINAP and its CORE banking system ECOru were selected. We have full confidence in FINAP’s expertise and recommend FINAP as a reliable solution for technology and support service delivery.

Mr. Anthony Amerasinghe

Managing Director LOT Micro

John Keells Holdings

One outstanding accomplishment was their swift and dedicated effort to create an exceptional online ordering system for Keells during COVID-19 pandemic. Their team worked tirelessly, delivering this project in an impressively short timeframe.

Mr. Osanda Warnakulasuriya

Head of IT JMSL

Softlogic Life

Collaborating with FINAP for resource augmentation was a wise decision. Their proficiency not only helped us meet our goals but also enhanced our team’s capabilities. We highly recommend FINAP for reliable and competent support.

Mr. Nalaka Abeywickrema

Softlogic Life

Strategic Alliances

Our Partnerships

Government & private sector enterprise for human resources development in Sri Lanka

ECOru CBS was audited & tested by SL CERT - Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner in Application Development, Application Integration, and Cloud Platform

Member of Lanka Microfinance Practitioners Association

Member of Sri Lanka Association for Software Services Companies

Member of Federation of IT Industry in Sri Lanka

Channel Partners

Specialized in delivering transformational technology services, enabling clients to outperform the competition

Specializes in the delivery of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions for businesses in Sri Lanka

Our Leadership

Meet the visionaries shaping our path at FINAP

Kutila Pinto

Executive Chariman/Director

Kutila is a prominent figure in the banking and finance sector, having started his career as a bank teller and risen to head the institutional banking segment of a major global bank in the Pacific region. His professional journey has spanned across Sri Lanka, UAE, Australia, and the Pacific, with a notable role as the Director of Retail for Pacific Banking at Westpac Pacific. He has served Seylan bank, HSBC and Nations Trust Bank in Sri Lanka; HSBC U.A.E; Commonwealth Bank, Suncorp Bank and ANZ Bank in Australia. Kutila’s leadership was instrumental in establishing the Pan Oceanic Bank in the Solomon Islands, garnering recognition from the nation’s Prime Minister, Central Bank Governor, and Opposition Leader. The Central bank governor of Solomon Islands in 2014 famously said “…special tribute to Mr Kutila Pinto for your patience and understanding in assisting the country avert what could have potentially become a major source of economic instability…”

Educationally, Kutila has a strong foundation with a Bachelor of Banking and Finance from Victoria University, Australia. He also holds an MBA from Cumbria University, U.K. His academic pursuits are complemented by a diploma in legal services from the Canberra Institute of TAFE and recognised as an Emeritus Scholar in Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking from Emeritus Institute of Management Singapore. Kutila’s education is further enriched by certifications from prestigious institutions such as MIT, Columbia Business School, and Tuck Executive Education.

As a Fellow of the London Institute of Banking and Finance and a Fellow of the Financial Services Australia, and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Kutila showcases his dedication to excellence. He is currently awaiting his Doctor of Business Administration from Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM), Spain, with a focus on integrating technology in microfinance.

Beyond his banking and academic endeavours, Kutila is also a FAA-certified commercial pilot for IFR and Multi-Engine operations, displaying a diverse skill set. His involvement in team sports with National School colours has endowed him with valuable life lessons and a collaborative spirit, which he adeptly applies in his professional life.

Another significant milestone in Kutila’s career is the founding of FINAP, a leading FinTech entity. Under his leadership, FINAP grew from a small team of four to over seventy professionals, highlighting his exceptional business acumen and leadership skills. This expansion not only demonstrates his entrepreneurial capabilities but also cements his status as an innovative leader who effectively leverages technology for strategic growth.

Kutila’s dynamic career, encompassing significant accomplishments in banking, academia, entrepreneurship, and personal interests, establishes him as a reliable and inspiring leader. His broad expertise and experience position him as an exemplary figure to helm FINAP, earning the confidence and respect of industry decision-makers.

Kalhara Gamage

Non-Executive Director

Kalhara is an esteemed professional with a remarkable 24-year career, renowned for his expertise in Digital Financial Services. He boasts an impressive educational background, including an MBA from the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM – Sri Jayawardenapura University) and a Chartered Marketer status from CIM (UK). His academic accomplishments are complemented by his role as a Fellow Member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and the Society of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka.

Kalhara’s professional journey is marked by excellence in various domains, including Mobile Wallets, Fintech, Digital Payments, and more. His innovative approach to product development in Sri Lanka has rightly earned him a reputation as a forward-thinking innovator. Currently serving as the General Manager of SLT Group Smart Solutions, his previous experience includes impactful positions at John Keells Holdings and Mobitel, where he led initiatives in finance, corporate planning, and product marketing.

In 2012, Kalhara made a significant impact by transforming Mobitel’s Mobile Money Product into Sri Lanka’s largest, subsequently expanding it into a global Digital Financial Services player. His leadership was instrumental in assembling a team of over 25 professionals and establishing a robust retail channel network encompassing more than 20,000 retailers. His areas of expertise are extensive, ranging from mobile wallet solutions to regulatory compliance, customer lifecycle management, and project management.

Kalhara’s international acclaim is evidenced by his roles as a guest speaker and panelist at various global conferences. He has been an active member of influential committees such as the National Payment Roadmap Committee and the National Payment Council in Sri Lanka. His collaborative work with organizations like GSMA, World Bank, and IFC on pilot projects further underscores his commitment to the field. Currently, he is a committee member of the Digitalization Committee appointed by CA Sri Lanka, demonstrating his dedication to the advancement of Digital Financial Services.

Kalhara Gamage’s career, characterized by significant achievements in digital financial services, positions him as a leader and innovator in the industry.

Amith Wijayasooriya

Non-Executive Director

Amith, with over 20 years of professional experience, is a highly respected expert in sales and marketing. His educational background is impressive, holding a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Manipal Institute of Technology and a postgraduate diploma in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the United Kingdom. Starting his career as a marketing executive, Amith has consistently climbed the corporate ladder to his current position as Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Axiata Digital Labs. His career journey also includes a significant role as the Director of Sales at Sysco LABS, where he demonstrated his versatile and dynamic leadership abilities.

Amith’s professional expertise is diverse, covering strategic sales initiatives, innovative business development strategies, and advanced marketing techniques. He possesses a deep understanding of market dynamics, which enables him to effectively navigate challenges and seize emerging opportunities. His global perspective and sharp market insights are invaluable assets in driving the company towards international success. His commitment to excellence and his proven ability to boost revenue growth are crucial as the company pursues ambitious goals to establish a strong international presence, attract a diverse clientele, and excel in overseas markets.

Habeeb M.M. Fairooz

Non-Executive Director

Fairooz, a senior executive with over 23 years of experience in the ICT industry, stands out as a results-driven leader, particularly in orchestrating technology for BFSI digital transformation initiatives. His multifaceted expertise, which spans executive leadership, technological proficiency, academic pursuits, and industry contributions, establishes him as a dynamic leader committed to driving impactful digital transformations and promoting continual growth within organizations.

Currently serving as Chief Operating Officer at Silverleap Technology (Pvt) Ltd overseeing its product portfolio, including FinTech, BFSI, Transportation, and Retail solutions. Additionally, engaged in consultancy services at CyberSoft (Pvt) Ltd, leading solution development in ITSM, CRM, and Banking solutions across Banking, Telco, and conglomerates.

In his prominent role as the President of the Software Chapter of the Federation of IT Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), Fairooz was instrumental in developing significant frameworks such as the Software Product Assessment Frameworks (SPAF) and Digital Maturity Assessment Frameworks. His leadership has been pivotal in prestigious industry events like the Digital Excellence Awards, the API ASIA Conference, and the Young Computer Scientist (YCS) program, significantly enhancing Sri Lanka’s profile in the global technology sector.

Fairooz possesses a solid academic background, holding an MSc from the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC). He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at the University of Kelaniya, focusing his research on the impact of Digital Entrepreneurship in the Banking industry. This endeavor highlights his dedication to advancing knowledge in this vital domain.

Beyond his corporate responsibilities, Fairooz is also actively involved in academia as a Visiting Lecturer. He shares his profound knowledge and insights in areas such as Analytics, Project Management, and Strategic Management, making significant contributions to these crucial fields of study.

Dilan Savio Perera

Non-Executive Director

Dilan is a seasoned leader with a notable 23-year career spanning various professional roles. His expertise encompasses leadership, operations, performance analysis, and strategic vision implementation, making him a versatile figure in diverse industries such as FMCG, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, and IT. Dilan’s proficiency is not confined to local markets; he has also demonstrated considerable success in international arenas, skilfully managing high-pressure situations while reducing costs and spurring growth.

Presently, Dilan serves as the Associate Director of Administration and Operations at HCL Technologies Lanka. In addition to this significant role, he contributes as a Mentor at the Chartered Professional Managers of Sri Lanka, reflecting his commitment to nurturing future professionals. His academic credentials are robust, including a Master of Business from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, and a fellowship at CPM SL. Beyond his corporate responsibilities, Dilan engages as a freelance business management lecturer, collaborating with multiple educational institutions in Sri Lanka.

Dilan’s accomplishments extend well beyond his professional and academic roles. He has had the honour of representing the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, twice at the prestigious Cambridge University and Oxford University in the UK for their annual “Business & Economic Forum.” This representation is a testament to his broad expertise and dedication to excellence. Dilan’s diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to his field make him a distinguished and influential professional.

Lahiru Kannangara

Non-Executive Director

Lahiru is an exceptionally talented professional known for his proficiency in leadership, strategic management, and digital transformation. His passion for problem-solving is evident in his ability to thrive in diverse environments. Lahiru’s strength lies in his unique ability to integrate strategic vision with operational excellence and a deep understanding of business development. This skill set has been applied across various sectors, including IT, BPO, retail, construction, and hospitality, demonstrating his versatile expertise.

What sets Lahiru apart is not just his success in profitable ventures, but also his profound commitment to community development. He has worked closely with NGOs, playing a pivotal role in nurturing small businesses from their initial stages and developing solutions that significantly benefit communities. This combination of corporate acumen and social responsibility is a driving force behind his endeavours to create sustainable values.

Lahiru’s expertise extends beyond strategic planning. He has a solid foundation in operations management, performance management, human resource management, company law, and intellectual property laws. This comprehensive knowledge ensures that every decision he makes is both informed and secure. His varied experiences have sharpened his ability to bridge gaps, navigate complex scenarios, and inspire teams towards achieving exceptional results.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in IT from the Waiariki Institute of Technology and various qualifications from BCS-The Chartered Institute of IT, Lahiru’s educational background further complements his extensive professional experience. His combination of academic knowledge and practical skills makes him an invaluable asset in any professional setting, capable of leading with insight and inspiring innovation and growth.

Padmal Silva

Advisor to the Board

Padmal is an accomplished and goal-driven professional with over 20 years of extensive experience in merchandising, sourcing, supply chain, cross-functional collaboration, and vendor relations in the Southeast Asian region. He is a trusted decision-maker who leverages his management and analytical skills to coordinate seamless operations, ensure strong product development, implement effective brand building, and devise efficient retail channel strategies.

Padmal boasts of an impressive educational background as he holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and pursued studies in apparel and textiles at the University of Moratuwa. His career trajectory encompasses pivotal roles, notably serving as the senior merchandiser at Brandix, country manager at Eddi Bauer, and Head of Sourcing and Supply Chain at MAS, where he showcased his versatile and dynamic leadership abilities. Padmal has consistently ascended the corporate hierarchy, currently holding the position of Business Lead at Amante Lanka.

Padmal is a dedicated and forward-thinking individual who is familiar with the latest technologies and innovations. He is capable of increasing operational profits by resolving cost discrepancies and is well-recognized for his ability to foster key vendor partnerships.

Ryan Wijeysundera

Advisor to the Board

Ryan Wijesundera is a highly skilled IT leader with over 16 years of extensive experience in various fields, including web development, system administration, network administration, server administration, data analysis, and operations management. His versatility and broad expertise have led to a successful track record in developing a diverse range of websites, applications, and systems, making him a valuable resource for clients seeking guidance on web and software-related matters.

Demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of industry advancements, Ryan is currently pursuing dual Master’s Degrees—an MBA at the University of Bedfordshire and an MSc in IT at Cardiff Metropolitan University. This dedication to expanding his knowledge base underscores his drive for excellence.

Ryan’s entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in his role as Founder and Director of InterMedia Web (Pvt) Ltd., an innovative IT company. Here, he leads a team committed to delivering cutting-edge technological solutions, underlining his leadership and innovative capabilities. Furthermore, his role as Co-Founder and Director at Elegant DanceWear (Pvt) Ltd. showcases his versatility, combining his technical expertise with business acumen.

Known for being an effective team player with excellent time management skills, Ryan consistently ensures that projects are delivered within budget and on schedule. His commitment to excellence and his comprehensive skill set make him a key player in the IT industry. With a strategic vision and multifaceted expertise, Ryan is well-positioned to drive success and make significant contributions to the dynamic and evolving world of information technology.

Kalpana Fernando

Advisor to the Board

Kalpana is a seasoned professional in Software Delivery Management, particularly distinguished in the Fintech domain. Her extensive experience and strategic acumen have been instrumental in propelling organizations to excel in their business operations. As a proficient leader in software delivery management, Kalpana’s expertise is crucial in guiding teams to achieve successful project outcomes, demonstrating her deep understanding of the complexities within the Fintech sector. This knowledge makes her an invaluable asset in optimizing business processes and introducing innovative solutions.

Kalpana’s commitment to delivering outstanding results is apparent in her ability to facilitate smooth collaboration between technology and business functions. She excels at using her technical knowledge to enhance efficiency, improve product quality, and significantly contribute to the overall success of the organizations she works with. Beyond her technical skills, Kalpana is deeply committed to fostering growth and success in the Fintech industry. Her passion for excellence is reflected not only in her professional achievements but also in her active participation in initiatives that drive progress and development in the organizations she engages with.

Rachel Paul

Advisor to the Board

Rachel is a dynamic HR professional with an impressive track record spanning over 8 years. Her experience is vast and varied, having worked across multiple industries such as e-commerce, IT, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), and management consultancy. Rachel’s academic background is solid, with a Business Management Degree from NSBM, where she specialized in Human Resource Management.

Throughout her career, Rachel has skillfully navigated the complexities of the rapidly changing business environment, showcasing her adaptability and deep comprehension of the unique challenges inherent to each sector she has worked in. Her expertise covers the full spectrum of human resources, including talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, and organizational development. This comprehensive skill set allows her to effectively manage and support the workforce.

Rachel’s impact in the HR field is further underscored by her significant contributions to shaping HR strategies that are aligned with the broader business objectives. She excels at creating positive and engaging workplace cultures that not only support employee growth but also contribute to overall organizational success. Her dedication to keeping up with industry trends ensures that she consistently brings innovative and progressive solutions to her role.

Vinuri Settinayake

Advisor to the Board

Vinuri is a highly experienced professional in the realms of general administration, secretarial work, and governance, with a career spanning nearly a decade. Her expertise extends across multiple sectors, including trading, higher education, conglomerates in Sri Lanka, and the public sector in the United Kingdom. Vinuri’s academic credentials are impressive, holding a Bachelor of International Management Degree from Buckinghamshire New University, UK. She is currently enhancing her knowledge by pursuing a Master of Law in International Business, Corporate, and Finance at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK.

Vinuri’s professional skills and commitment have earned her significant recognition. She was a group nominee for the National Services Reward and Recognition Award by National Services – Courts and Tribunal Service Centres and National Business Centres in the UK. This nomination underscores her exceptional administrative and governance capabilities.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Vinuri is also a dedicated global volunteer, having been involved in the International Leo Club Program since 2014. Her leadership skills shine through her contributions, commitment, and dedication to community service in Sri Lanka. Vinuri’s work in this arena has not only been impactful but also inspirational, as she is recognized as a certified leader and role model, particularly noted for her inspiring leadership in Sri Lankan Leoism.

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