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Resource Augmentation

Extend your tech team with skilled resources

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Custom software solutions for your unique needs

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(TaaS) Outsource tasks to our expert tech resource

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(NOC/SOC) Efficient IT management for network and security

Robotic Process Automation

(RPA) Efficient automation with advanced software bots.
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  • Bespoke Development
  • Resource Augmentation
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Managed IT services
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  • FinTech Solutions
  • Software Solutions
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Transforming Your Vision into Reality

FINAP Transforms Concept to Reality - Your Vision, Our Expertise.


Core Banking Solution

ECOru provides an all-inclusive, modern, yet simple digital Core Banking System (CBS) built to empower small to more complex financial institutions & banks

Neo Banking & Wallet

Powerful Neo banking platform where all the functions, people, and infrastructures are sustained by one revolutionary solution.

Field Mobile Application

Digitalizes the core processes carried out by field agents of microfinance, finance, and banking while improving their efficiency & reduces costs.

Nanofinance Platform

FirstMicro is the only application of its kind built specifically for the 2 million+ nanofinance service providers.

All-in-one ERP System

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integrated software system that streamlines and manages corebusiness processes, improving efficiency and decision-making within an organization.

Truck Booking & Fleet Management Solution

FLEX is FINAP’truck booking and fleet management solution that facilitates the transactions between customers, truck drivers, and truck owners.

Our Commitment



FINAP solutions are scalable and have the strength to withstand every condition successfully


FINAP solutions possess the best architecture and take the best security practices into consideration


We will develop a solid software foundation for our clients that is reasonably defect-free and cost-effective
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We offer a variety of roles across departments, including software development, consultancy, project management, and more. Check our career page for the latest openings and job descriptions.

We value individuals who are passionate about innovation, have a strong work ethic, thrive in collaborative environments, and are committed to delivering excellence in their respective fields.

Our recruitment process typically involves initial screening, interviews with relevant team members or managers, technical assessments (if applicable), and final evaluations. We strive to ensure a transparent and fair process for all candidates.

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