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ECOru - The Banking Software

It is an all-inclusive, modern yet simple digital Core Banking Software built to empower small to more complex finance institutions & banks. Designed by industry specialists in accordance with international standards, our solution offers Financial Service Providers the opportunity to create new distribution channels, competitive products, cost-effective service delivery, and provide a better customer experience.

Our flagship fintech product designed by domain experts for a variety of business segments such as,

Paving the way for paperless banking …

Story of ECOru

This is the story of how ECOru came to be…

The journey started back in 2016 when a few experts of the banking and microfinance domain wanted to solve common issues that have been plaguing the industry for decades.

The most pressing issue is the entire global banking infrastructure’s dependency on outdated, archaic legacy systems. Our developers have been working around the clock, collaborating with bankers and micro-financiers to deliver an all-inclusive, future-proof, cloud-based, comprehensive software solution for bankers and micro-financiers. After a lot of hard work, long hours, failures, extensive testing, and quality assurance, we came up with ECOru Banking and Finance Solution.

Automating and streamlining every aspect of your business

What Makes it Special?


Why Does It Stand Out?

Gold award winner of the Fintech solutions category
Most Innovative & Best Solution in Cloud Computing

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Technical FAQ

We use robust encryption techniques, multi-factor authentication, and continuous monitoring to safeguard sensitive data. Regular security assessments and updates mitigate emerging threats effectively.

Ensuring data security through Azure Security services and adherence to OWASP principles, including input validation, authentication mechanisms, and encryption protocols.

Clean Architecture, MVC, Domain-Driven Design, and the Repository Pattern enhance development, promote modularization, and abstract data access.

We utilize Angular, Knockout.js, JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML5 for the front end, and .NET 6, REST API, OAuth 2.0, ADO.NET, and Python for back-end development.

It provides extensive customization options tailored to each institution's specific needs. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive support and expertise to ensure smooth integration with existing systems.

Business FAQ

It is an all-inclusive, modern digital Core Banking Software designed to empower finance institutions and banks. It stands out by offering new distribution channels, competitive products, cost-effective service delivery, and an enhanced customer experience.

It is designed for a variety of business segments within the banking and finance industry. It caters to small to complex finance institutions and banks, providing them with a comprehensive solution built by industry specialists in accordance with international standards.

The journey of ECOru began in 2016 when banking and microfinance domain experts aimed to address common industry issues. The primary challenge was the dependency on outdated legacy systems globally. Through extensive collaboration with industry professionals, ECOru emerged as a future-proof, cloud-based, comprehensive software solution after rigorous testing and quality assurance.

It paves the way for paperless banking by providing a modern digital Core Banking System. Its features enable efficient document management, electronic transactions, and seamless integration, reducing the reliance on paper-based processes.

We empower Financial Service Providers with cost-effective service delivery, allowing them to create new distribution channels and offer competitive products. The solution is designed to enhance the overall customer experience, providing a modern and efficient banking platform.

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