OMS – Retail Order Management & Forecasting Solution

OMS - Retail Order Management & Forecasting Solution

Retail Order Management & Forecasting Solution (OMS) is a state-of-the-art software solution designed for demand forecasting and stock replenishment, catering to retail enterprises. OMS is a comprehensive system that can keep track of consumer, supplier & warehouse data, identify patterns and generate forecasts.


Why does OMS stand out?

 Effective management of every aspect of the retail business

 AI & Machine learning based forecasting

 Rapid cloud-based SaaS deployment

 Manage supplier, warehouse, store, and customer data all in a single solution

 Easy parametrization to facilitate seasonal offers

 Prevent wastages and order mismatches

 Manage orders across multiple channels

 24/7 support

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Technical FAQ

Yes, OMS is an SAP-ready solution, further, this ensures efficient data flow and optimization of retail operations, enhancing overall efficiency and coordination, particularly with SAP seamlessly integrates with a range of existing retail systems, such as supplier databases, warehouse management systems (WMS), point-of-sale (POS) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and ERP systems.

The key advantages of cloud-based OMS are faster implementation, scalability, access from anywhere with an internet connection, automatic upgrades, and lower infrastructure expenses. Cloud implementation also provides data security and disaster recovery capabilities.

OMS utilizes a modern and robust technology stack:

Front End: OMS employs both React and Angular frameworks for the development of its user interfaces. These frameworks offer rich, interactive experiences for users and facilitate efficient development and maintenance.

Back End: The back end of OMS is built using the .NET framework. .NET provides a powerful and scalable infrastructure for developing server-side logic, handling requests, and managing data.
Database: OMS relies on Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) as its database management system. MSSQL offers robust data storage, retrieval, and management capabilities, ensuring efficient and reliable data operations for OMS.

OMS is available as both a mobile app and a web app, offering flexibility and accessibility to users across different platforms and devices.

React and Angular were chosen for the front end of OMS due to their versatility, performance, and extensive ecosystem support. These frameworks enable the development of dynamic and responsive user interfaces, enhancing the overall user experience of OMS.

The .NET framework provides a robust foundation for the back end of OMS, enabling the implementation of complex business logic, data processing, and integration with external systems. .NET's scalability and security features ensure the reliability and stability of OMS in handling various tasks and requests.

MSSQL offers several advantages for the database of OMS, including high performance, scalability, and robust security features. Its advanced querying capabilities, transaction support, and built-in data management tools make it well-suited for handling the data requirements of OMS effectively and efficiently.

Business FAQ

OMS facilitates effective management of every aspect of the retail business, from demand forecasting to stock replenishment, leading to optimized inventory levels, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

OMS stands out with its AI and machine learning-based forecasting capabilities, rapid cloud-based deployment, and comprehensive integration of supplier, warehouse, store, and customer data, providing a holistic solution tailored to our retail needs.

OMS is designed to scale with our business, capable of managing orders across multiple channels and adapting to changing demand patterns, ensuring continued support as we expand our operations.

OMS implement robust data security measures and complies with industry regulations to safeguard sensitive information, protect against data breaches, and maintain trust and confidentiality.

OMS offers an intuitive interface and easy parametrization for seasonal offers, minimizing the learning curve for staff. Additionally, comprehensive training and dedicated support is provided to ensure a smooth implementation process.

OMS promises a swift return on investment by minimizing waste, enhancing order precision, and boosting operational efficacy. The implementation schedule is customized to suit our business requirements, emphasizing the attainment of tangible outcomes that resonate with our strategic goals.

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