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Digitalization of Fleet Management

Fleets operate in a highly dynamic world full of risks, challenges, regulations, and complexities. Digital fleet management solutions have simplified the highly complicated job role of the fleet manager. Tasked with optimizing risks, costs, and efficiency in fleet operations, the fleet manager plays a pivotal role.

In a technical sense, if an organization owns more than two vehicles, it is considered a fleet operation. A corporation that uses a fleet of vehicles for a commercial or other operational purpose requires a management system. Without a proper system, fleet management could be a nightmare, especially if relying on outdated paper-based systems, spreadsheets, or worse – whiteboards.

There are many solutions available today. When deciding on fleet management software, look for a scalable & customizable solution that would meet your company’s requirements today and keep supporting as the company grows. Fleet management software can provide much more than a mere database of vehicles or pinpoint your cargo on a map. Let’s delve into the main elements a modern fleet management application should have.

Fleet Management Reports, Analytics, and Efficiency

Management solutions can be equipped with built-in analytical tools, generating automated & timely reports. These reports reduce the possibility of human error compared to manual preparation and can be used for cross-departmental reference. Additionally, the solution can instantly calculate payments and generate invoices in bulks. The company could use the data extracts to inspect issues, reduce costs, and maximize profits. Advanced analytics can improve efficiency by considering the idle times of drivers & vehicles.

Route Management and Real-Time Tracking

One basic feature of any fleet management software is the ability to display the real-time location of vehicles at any given time. However, a modern solution is far more extensive. The fleet manager can get a clear overview of the trip completion status and ETA with the touch of a button. Route management features can help discover shorter and safer routes while avoiding roads with weight/height limitations (such as bridges and tunnels).

A significant portion of operational costs consists of fuel expenses. Route management modules can provide data to help management identify routes with the lowest fuel costs.

Enhanced Vehicle Maintenance

Modern Fleet management solutions can facilitate comprehensive vehicle databases, tracking important information such as the year manufactured, distance traveled, repair & maintenance schedule, and operational lifetime. A competent system provides valuable insights for a fleet manager to maximize vehicle usage while maintaining the fleet in good running condition and ensuring optimal disposal at the end of its designated operational lifetime.

Effective Driver Management

Once a vehicle of your fleet leaves the company premises, you have less control over it. Everything is in the hands of the driver. Reckless driving with company name & branding gives a negative impression. However, with developments in new technology, fleet managers have considerable authority over the vehicles irrespective of their location. The days when you need to call drivers regularly for updates are long gone. Tracking features indicate areas where drivers may have been speeding and the feedback can be used to educate drivers on safety driving. Driver data and trip details could be logged & analyzed automatically, reducing errors, paper usage, and the potential for fraudulent behavior.

Improved Customer Satisfaction in Fleet Management

With imposed travel restrictions and health concerns, the delivery of goods is vital. Delays and order mismatches would drive customers away. Fleet management systems generate accurate ETAs and help consumers track shipments easily. An advanced fleet management solution minimizes mix-ups & discrepancies in orders, contributing to improved customer satisfaction.

FLEX is an all-inclusive, cloud-based fleet management solution developed by FINAP worldwide. It’s designed for any business using a fleet of vehicles for commercial or operational purposes. FLEX consists of a dashboard feature with all routes and vehicles being mapped in real-time with pinpoint accuracy to the administrators. FLEX can successfully drive your fleet management operation to new highs, literally!


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